The Cedar Point and Rainwater Park (Quality Inn) Bonus Activity Trip has been cancelled.

Due to a lack of interest on the part of many of the teens of Y.A.A. we have had to cancel the Cedar Point Bonus Activity Trip.  Bonus trips require the teens to commit to working and working hard to achieve their goal of going on a fun trip like this and unfortunately we sometimes run into a lack of desire or interest from some of our teens.  This is something that Y.A.A. strives to changes by showing the teens that hard work equals a great reward.  And we will always continue to do so. We do have other activities planned for after the Niagara Falls Bonus Trip which is still taking place August 8th through August 14th, 2017 so check back then to see what is coming up next!!  And as always thank you for your support!

Author: YAA Inc.

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