At Youth Achievement of America, Inc. we have many plans in the work in the coming year including expanding our program into other Ohio cities like Toledo, Cincinnati and Cleveland areas and bringing on board more people who believe in what our program is doing and wish to help improve YAA.  We also plan to improve and expand on our activity programs with more fun and educational activities.  We have also added additional activities (both fun and educational) to our Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada Bonus Trip including the Butterfly Conservatory, Flower House, Niagara Historic Tours, Niagara Gocarts, Adventure Rooms and more!

Remember too that Youth Achievement of America, Inc. is now able to accept credit cards for purchase of our candy bars at the door! We’ve made it simple, easy and quick and any amount of candy bars is allowed! Now you have three ways to purchase our delicious candy bars-cash, check and credit card!

Thank you for your support throughout each year!